Murari P Tapaswi 91-(0)832-2450275 General management, Database development and management, Document acquisition, External user suppot services and new ideas implementation
Gajanan H Sainekar 91-(0)832-2450370 Journals acquisition and check-in, Reprints catagorization, Technical reports sections; ASFA and allied projects project
PVSSR Sarma 91-(0)832-2450274 Maps section, Resource development for e-library, data entry and data-validation support
Satya Ranjan Sahu 91-(0)832-2450370 Digital library development, testing & implementing KM concept, website development & maintenance and Monographs acquisition
Atmaram K Gawas 91-(0)832-2450370 Data entry, resource maintenance and shelving
R K Prabhu 91-(0)832-2450276 Lending / receiving resources, vigilance, CD-database development and maintenance
Madan Verenkar 91-(0)832-2450370 Bills processing, Statistics, payments and receipts, and and other administrative support
Dinu Gauns 91-(0)832-2450276 General support, Binding preparation and Document delivery