Atergatis roseus

Xanthidae MacLeay,1838
Zosiminae Alcock, 1898

Species Name : Atergatis roseus (Riippell, 1830)

Identification Key

Front as in A. integerrimus, edge of anterolateral borders of carapace thick and blunt.


Carpilius roseus and marginatus

Ruppell 1830, Krabben roth. Meer., p. 13,  pl. 3, Fig. 3

Atergatis roseus and marginatus

de Haan 1835, Fauna Japonica, vol.v,p.17

Atergatis roseus

Alcock 1898, J. Asiatic Soc. Bengal, vol. 67

Chhapgar 1957, Marine Crabs of Bombay state, p. 28


Coral reefs and rocky substrata, low tide mark to 30 meters deep


India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Pakistan.


Gulf of Kachch, East and West coast, Gulf of Mannar, Andaman and Nicobar islands


Carapace of much the same proportions as A. integerrimus, but with a perfectly smooth dull surface; no indication whatever of regions; the crest of the antero-lateral borders blunt and ending smoothly, without any ridge or tooth, at the lateral epibranchial angle. Front, orbits, external maxillipeds and legs as in A. intergerrimus Fingers fluted, but upper edge of hand rounded, not crested.