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1. What is the approximate proportion of freshwater in the total water available on our planet ? 2. Which Ocean is the largest water body on planet Earth? 3. What is the meaning of EEZ? 4. The lithosphere of the Earth is composed of.. 5. The fundamental cause of origin of Himalayan Mountain Chain is .. 6. The world's largest deep-sea fan is 7. The sea level has increased by around 120 m since the last Ice Age around 18000 years ago. What you think the main cause of this rise in sea level? 8. What is the average density of seawater? 9. If you completely evaporate 10 kg (10000 grams) of average salinity seawater how many grams of salt you will get? 10. What is the average depth of oceans? 11. Between Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal, which is more saline? 12. In which part of the oceans the high-density surface water sinks in to deep-ocean that subsequently forms the Global Ocean Conveyor Belt? 13. Circulations in the upper few hundred meters of the ocean are driven by.. 14. Monsoons are. 15. Which part of the northern Indian Ocean receives highest rainfall during summer monsoons? 16. Storms are named differently depending upon their place of origin. Find the correct match below: 17. The devastating Tsunami of 26 December 2004 was the cause of an mega earthquake. Where was its epicenter located? 18. Between the head and the mouth of an Estuary what is the range of salinity? 19. Within the Earth's water cycle, which phase of the water constitutes the atmospheric portion of the water cycle? 20. Correct pair of most abundant cation and anion present in the seawater is

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