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Industrial Consultancy

Industrial units dealing with fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, paper, chemical, petroleum and cement are being setup along the coast. Most of these industries need guidance and advice for identifying suitable areas and modes to discharge their treated effluent into the sea such that the impact on the environment is minimal. Power plants look for appropriate sites in their vicinity to draw large quantities of seawater to serve as coolant. Other developmental activities such as the expansion of ports and harbours, deepening of navigational channels and construction of offshore facilities require an assessment of their potential environmental impact.

Apart from carrying out the research work, NIO provides services to various organizations in solving ocean related problems and assists in carrying out the work in the marine environment through sponsored or consultancy projects. NIO scientists as per the project requirement collect data on physical, chemical, biological, geological and engineering aspects through field measurements using moored/drifting buoys and research vessels. We also utilize the data transmitted by a number of satellites equipped with oceanographic sensors. These data are analyzed and interpreted along with outputs of numerical models to understand various coastal and oceanic processes and their roles on the marine environment due to industrial activities.
Our consultancy is in the following areas:
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and environmental monitoring
  • Bathymetry, seabed Engineering, CRZ demarcation
  • Evaluation of design parameters for coastal & offshore facilities
  • Site selection for marine outfall, sea water intake, jetty, SPM and submarine pipelines
  • Numerical modelling
  • Oil spill risk analysis and preparation of contingency plan
  • Biofouling and corrosion
  • Underwater Surveys
Field Measurements
Field Measurements

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