Bathymetry, seabed Engineering, CRZ demarcation

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Bathymetry, seabed Engineering, CRZ demarcation

NIO conducts Bathymetry, Seabed Engineering and CRZ demarcation surveys for offshore industry developmental projects with international standards.

Final report submitted to the offshore industry is based on following methodology applied during field data acquisition:
  1. Field survey planning based on the survey area details obtained from clients.

  2. Collection of data using duel frequency shallow-water echo- sounder and DGPS navigation system for bathymetry map generation.

  3. Sub-seabed sediment sequence details are obtained using a chirp sub-bottom profiler, high resolution shallow-seismic sparker system and high resolution duel frequency side sonar, integrated with DGPS navigation data towards understanding the seabed processes. A detailed analysis and interpretation of the substrata and seabed mosaics is presented in the final report.

  4. Surveys for CRZ demarcation for coastal stretches of the sea, bays, estuaries, creeks, rivers and backwaters which are influenced by tidal action are carried out using a DGPS navigation system, a high frequency echo-sounder and an optical range measuring system (LASERTRACK and 3D laser scanner) as per MoEF guidelines.

Field Survey Equipment used by NIO
Field Survey Equipment used by NIO

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