Environmental Impact Assessment and environmental monitoring

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Environmental Impact Assessment and environmental monitoring

NIO carries out Environmental Impact Assessment for developmental projects in the marine area as per MoEF notification dated September 2006.

The EIA report will contain the following information.
  • Introduction
    • Purpose of project
    • Brief nature of project and its location
    • Scope of work as per TOR
  • Project description
    • All proposed activities with drawings
  • Description of environment
    • Baseline data
  • Anticipated impacts and mitigation measures
    • Impacts of project
    • Mitigation measures to minimize the impact
  • Analysis of alternative site
  • Environmental monitoring plan
  • Socio-impact, Rehabilitation and resettlement plans
  • Risk assessment and contingency plan (if applicable)
  • Project benefits
  • Environmental Management Plan Summary and conclusions
Oceanographic sampling
Oceanographic sampling

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