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Dispensary ( DISP )

Dr. Chodankar Kalpana
Dr. Chodankar Kalpana MBBS; PGDM

Lady Medical Officer (Principal Technical Officer) ( Headquarters, Goa )

Research Interests/SpecializationMedical Dispensary

Date of Joining CSIR : 2001-01-18
Date of Joining Present Post : 2011-01-18
Date of Retirement : 2031-07-31
 Contact No0832-2450 708
Dr. Fernandes Ivone A
Dr. Fernandes Ivone A MBBS, Certificate Course in Diabetics

Medical Officer [Sr. Technical Officer (3)] ( Headquarters, Goa )

Research Interests/SpecializationMedicine

Date of Joining CSIR : 2005-10-19
Date of Joining Present Post : 2015-10-19
Date of Retirement : 2030-07-31
 Contact No0832-2456708
Mrs. Mochemadkar Kanchan Powar
Mrs. Mochemadkar Kanchan Powar SSC

Nursing Sister [Sr. Technician (2)] ( Headquarters, Goa )

Date of Joining CSIR : 1989-04-12
Date of Joining Present Post : 2010-04-12
Date of Retirement : 2027-03-31
 Contact No0832-2456 714
Mrs. Rajashri Amar Borkar
Mrs. Rajashri Amar Borkar Dipl. in Pharmacy

Technician (1) ( Headquarters, Goa )

Research Interests/SpecializationPharmacy

Date of Joining CSIR : 2012-05-01
Date of Joining Present Post : 2012-05-01
Date of Retirement : 2046-10-31
 Contact No08322456708
Mrs. Hasanwale Anjum
Mrs. Hasanwale Anjum Under metriculation

Safaiwala ( Headquarters, Goa )

Date of Joining CSIR : 2010-05-03
Date of Joining Present Post : 2010-05-03
Date of Retirement : 2029-10-31
 Contact No0832-2450 713
Shristi Saloman
Shristi Saloman GNM Nursing

PA-I ( Headquarters, Goa )

Tenure at NIO2017-06-01 to 2019-05-31

Project NoSSP3104

Project LeaderDr. Sanil Kumar VV

 Contact No327
Chandrika G. Naik
Chandrika G. Naik BSc Zoology

PA-I ( Headquarters, Goa )

Tenure at NIO2018-08-01 to 2019-10-31

Project NoSSP3104

Project LeaderSh. Ramprasad T

 Contact No493
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