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Capacity Building and Outreach
Capacity building at local, country and regional levels by conducting resident-training, seminar, workshop and outreach activities is an important mandate of NIO. By sharing its knowhow, field and laboratory facilities, NIO fulfills the societal responsibility of a national research institute. To achieve this, NIO-HRM conducts tailor-made capacity building programs for international, national as well as local organizations to give wings to the aspiration and requirement of its participants. A special emphasis is laid on programs for developing countries, SAARC, and Indian Ocean Rim countries. The duration and budget vary with the requirement of the sponsoring agency. Certain programs are also conducted to collectively cater to the demands of several organizations together.

These programs are aimed to help improve human capacities to manage and develop coasts, and surrounding seas in the Indian Ocean region. The objective is to arm the participants with an opportunity to undertake multidisciplinary oceanographic observations to cope with potential threat to the coast and to make a meaningful policy decision and sustainable governance approach to manage the coast. Working on “One-Ocean” concept, this effort may even act as a seed to initiate technical cooperation amongst the participating countries in future to study and mitigate threats to the coast.

Some of the major training and outreach programs of CSIR-NIO for the year 2013 are :
  • CSIR Program on Youth for Leadership in Science (CPYLS), which is lately replaced by DST- sponsored Inspire scheme. Several students and parents have attended these programs, which consists of lectures on differential topics by scientist of the institute, interactive session, film shows and visit to labs.
  • NAM (Non-Aligned movement) Research Fellowship for Developing Country Scientists (RTF-DCS): April-September.
  • Offshore Industrial Surveying- A part of Long Hydrographic Specialization Course(083:035) for the National Institute of Hydrography: 13 May – 8 June
  • Faculty Training and Motivation- Training for Teachers of Secondary & Higher Secondary schools in Goa: 25 – 28 June
  • Training Program for SAARC Countries on Multidisciplinary Oceanographic Observations for Coastal Zone Management: 1-14 August
  • Training Program for IOR-ARC Countries on Multidisciplinary Oceanographic Observations for Coastal Zone Management: 29 September – 12 October
  • Induction Program for Permanent Staff, Doctoral Students, and Project Staff: This will offer a big canvas about oceanographic research- possibility and potential- to the new entrants, and appreciation of NIO’s activities.
A full-fledged modern Training hall is being designed to cater to the all-season need of HRM to conduct its Training programs. HRM is also working on a proposal to establish an International School of Capacity Building in Ocean Science & Technology in Goa.

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