Faculty Appreciation

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Faculty Appreciation
In order to continuously update the existing staff with new trends in technology and prepare them for taking up their routine responsibilities more effectively, HRM ensures Faculty Appreciation. It encourages a system that improves ability of the staff to build successful, high performance organization. It is NIO’s contribution to the generation of the pool of bench-level workers in science that distinguishes it from others.

A number of Training programs / seminars and symposia in India and abroad have been attended by NIO Staff from all three wings- Scientific, Technical and Administrative- in topics related to their work requirement.

In a bid to encourage the Staff, HRM brings out popular science articles. Support is extended to individuals and groups for bringing out books, booklets, monograms related to ocean science. HRM, for example, has taken a lead role to prepare a booklet on oceans around India named SAGAR. It also prepares reports on special events conducted/organized by NIO from time to time. Lecture notes of important trainings are also compiled from time to time by HRM.

To facilitate rewarding collaboration with international agencies and countries, NIO-HRM has International Science & Technology Affairs Group (ISTAG), which interfaces with ISTAD of CSIR on all matters related with international science and technology affairs of the laboratory. ISTAG prepares present and future International S&T demands and need of the lab in terms of trainings and fellowships.
NIO has also initiated several projects with foreign agencies on a collaborative basis. The procedure to initiate such collaboration is that the NIO scientist/technical staff member submits a proposal to PME. PME undertakes a process of review of the proposal. After the approval, the proposal is submitted to HRM for concurrence and obtaining necessary clearance from CSIR after Director’s approval.
International collaborations between NIO and other agencies as on July 2013 (for details visit www.nio.org/istag/)
Country Completed Ongoing Total
ASEAN - 1 1
Australia - 1 1
China 1 2 3
Finland - 1 1
France 3 2 5
Germany 2 3 5
Italy/Spain - 1 1
Japan 4 1 5
Malaysia - 1 1
Maldives - 1 1
Portugal 1 1 2
Russia - 2 2
Singapore 1 2 3
UK 2 2 4
USA 3 2 5
Total 17 23 40

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