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To address the matters of personal grievance, a 3-tier system is developed to render patient hearing to the aggrieved person and deal the case with empathy.
  • Consultative Mechanism
  • Local Grievance Committee (LGC) in NIO
  • Central Grievance Committee (CGC) at CSIR Headquarters.
Consultative Mechanism (CM)
A 2-member CM comprising of the Senior-most scientist in the Institute and the COA listens to the grievance(s) of the Staff and helps sort out the grievance by advising the aggrieved employee about the relevant rules and procedures. If not satisfied, the aggrieved employee may file a written grievance to the Local Grievance Committee.
Local Grievance Committee (LGC)
A 11-member LGC is in place in NIO to consider only individual grievances which can be redressed locally at Institute level within the powers delegated to the Heads (Directors) of the Institutes. Imparting a degree of objectivity and fair-play in the whole process, the LGC establishes good communication between the employees and the Institute to remove misunderstandings, if any, and to develop congenial atmosphere without getting bogged down with sheer technicalities. The LGC normally takes a decision on the grievance within a stipulated period in conformity with the relevant bye laws, rules and regulations of CSIR in force.
Central Grievance Committee (CGC)
The CGC at the CSIR-Delhi level shall act as an appellate authority if an employee is not satisfied with the decision of the Local Grievance Committee or the Director feels that the decision has wider implications. It shall also consider those grievances which cannot be redressed within the powers delegated to the Heads of Institutes.
Welfare Committee for Women
To redress the complaints, if any, of sexual harassment to the working women in NIO and other welfare issues, a high-powered committee is in place vide Office Memorandum of 3 February 2012. The eight-member committee is chaired by a senior women scientist and has 5 confirmed women members including the President of the All India Women Conference (Goa Chapter). Dr. Pratima M Kessarkar (Scientist B) is the Convener of this Committee (email: pratimak@nio.org, Tel: 91-832-2450573)

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