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NIO offers opportunities to graduate and post graduate students to carry out brief dissertation, and project work related to Oceanography.
Salient Points:
  • Only students of graduate and post-graduate level for >15 days duration only will be allowed.
  • Students applying in group from outside universities of Goa are not considered. Only single applications are considered subject to guidelines of CSIR-NIO.
  • All the laboratory expenses involved in students programs are met from NIO funds. Students have to arrange for their travel and living expenses. Accommodation may be provided in Students’ hostel subject to availability (Rs. 25/- per day).
  • Students who have been allotted rooms should bring their own bed sheets, pillows towel etc for their personal use.
  • Maximum five students from any university / institute for dissertation, and project work will be accepted at any given time of the year (except for institutions from Goa).
  • Supervising NIO scientist, Technical Officers and Emeritus scientist can have only two students at any given time.
  • For part-time Group projects the number of students per group shall be maximum four.
  • Those who havn't got in-campus accommodation should arrange their accommodation their own well in advance and it is advised that please do not travel to Goa without arranging accommodation.
  • Institute is working during Monday to Friday 0900 hrs to 1730 hrs except public holidays. Any student who have been allotted accommodation, but reaching on non working days / non working hours should make their own arrangement of stay
How to Apply for Internship / Dissertation / Project Work:
  • Click Search By Name or Designation or Location or Specialization to establish contact with scientist(s)/Technical Officer(s) specialized in your area of research. Obtain consent of the scientist in any written form (e-mail, post, fax).
  • Fill up the online application form, by clicking on Human Resource button >> Students >> Interns >> Apply Online
  • Upload the following while submitting the application
    1. Recommendation Letter from your Principal / Dean / Responsible Officer (Any other format apart from NIO's format, without necessary undertakings would be summarily rejected)
    2. consent from proposed guide
    3. CV of the student
    4. Photograph of the student
  • (The processing time of an application is normally 2 weeks; Please apply only once)
  • Students will have to make a presentation of their work at the end of assignment Students applying for Summer Internship for the year 2019 should apply from 1st January 2019 only.
  • For queries write to pandian@nio.org
For any query related to Human Resoure Management contact

Sh.Thavapandian P

Tel: 91-832-245-0270, Fax: 91-832-245-0616, Email: pandian@nio.org

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