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Project No Project Title Project Leader DU
MLP1701 Morphodynamic response of coastal environment to natural and anthropogenic perturbations Dr.Sanil Kumar VV 77
MLP1702 Impact of climate change on the physics, biogeochemistry and ecology of the north Indian Ocean Dr.Suresh I 78
MLP1703 Geodynamics of the Andaman Subduction zone, forearc and backarc basins Dr.Pawan Dewangan 79
MLP1704 Trans-disciplinary Research for improved Forecasting of Indian Marine Fisheries (TRIMFish) Dr.Dattesh Vithoba Desai 66
OLP1705 Development of Autonomous Platform/s for Ocean Applications Sh.Madhan R 73
OLP1706 Maritime Archaeological studies along Indian coast Sh.Sundaresh 47
OLP1707 Marine Biodiversity Analyses and Bioprospecting Dr.Manguesh U Gauns 70
OLP1708 Implications of natural & anthropogenic processes and neo-tectonic activities along the north-west coast of India Dr.Mohandass C 74
OLP1709 Oceanography of the South East Arabian Sea(OSEAS) Dr.Pankajakshan T 75
OLP1710 Coastal processes and tectonics of Eastern Continental Margin of India Sh.Murty GPS 76
OLP1711 Marine biofouling and bioinvasion from the perspectives of ecosystem functioning Dr.Dattesh Vithoba Desai 66
OLP1712 Interactions of metals and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) with natural ligands in coastal marine environment —an important process Dr.Pawan Dewangan 79
OLP1713 Sub-centennial scale quantitative paleoclimatic reconstruction to delineate low frequency natural climatic variability Dr.Pawan Dewangan 79
Project No Project Title Project Leader DU
MLP1601 Development of software for High resolution velocity analysis for mapping of gas hydrate deposits / Support for strategic sector Dr.Pawan Dewangan 79
MLP1803 Coral Reef Monitoring and Surveillance Robot (C-Bot)

Theme : Ecology, Environment, Earth & Ocean Sciences and Water (E3OW)

Sh.Madhan R 73
Project No Project Title Project Leader DU
NWP0100 CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative Program Dr.Manguesh U Gauns 70
Project No Project Title Project Leader DU
MLP1801 Enhancing live stocks of herbivore fishes through captive breeding to control the macroalgal dominance in coral reefs to sustain the fishing revenue

Theme : Agriculture Nutrition Biotechnology (ANB)

Dr.Mohandass C 74
MLP1802 Impact of  Climate Change on the Physics, Biogeochemistry, and the Ecology of the North Indian Ocean (CliCNIO)

Theme : Ecology, Environment, Earth & Ocean Sciences and Water (E3OW)

Dr.Suresh I 78
Project No Project Title Project Leader DU
STS0001 *Library & Information services Sh.Navelkar Gajanan S 54
STS0002 *Marine Data and Information Sh.Navelkar Gajanan S 54
STS0005 Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation. Dr.Sanil Kumar VV 52
STS0018 Acquisition, Upkeep and Management of Research Vessels Dr.Shenoy Damodar M 49
STS0021 *Information Technology Sh.Navelkar Gajanan S 54
STS0022 Business Development, SPMG and IPR. Dr.Sanil Kumar VV 55
STS0023 Publication,   Reprography & Outreach (PR&O) Sh.Sundaresh 13
STS0024 Estate Management. Sh.Ilangovan D 57
STS0026 Human Resource  Management Dr.Rajeev Saraswat 59
STS0033 Dispensary Dr.Chodankar Kalpana 19
STS0034 Director’s Office Prof.Sunil Kumar Singh 56
STS0035 Central Analytical Facility Dr.Samir Damare 14
Project No Project Title Project Leader DU
STS0030 General Administration Sh.Antony Peter Raja S 17
STS0031 Finance & Accounts Sh.Rakesh Bidalia 20
STS0032 Stores & Purchase Sh.Yatinder Chauhan 21

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