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RV Gaveshani ( 1975 - 1995 )

Gaveshani (meaning: Researcher), was NIO's first research vessel acquired in December 1975. In her 19 years of service (until 1994), she completed 246 cruises, the last being off the east coast, before she went into dry dock in July 1994. She accidentally caught fire on 26 August 1994 during refit and modernisation. She was then declared unserviceable in December, 1995.

Gaveshani enabled the Institute to successfully carry out extensive surveys for offshore oil fields, mineral deposits, monitoring oil pollution and developmental activities of the continental margins. It was she who put India on the world map for deep sea mining with a successful haul of polymetallic nodules from the depths of the Indian Ocean. Her participation in Monsoon experiments for collection of oceanographic and meteorological data earned her a Certificate of Appreciation from the India Meteorological Department (IMD). During her tenure, onboard research opportunities were provided to many research and academic organizations. She visited Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Seychelles. She carried out surveys of the EEZ of Sri Lanka and Seychelles under bilateral programmes.

Though no longer with us, this 68.5 m medium range vessel has left unfadable impressions. The Institute will remember her services as a pioneer in the cause of Indian Ocean research.

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