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RV Sindhu Sadhana ( 2012 - Present )

The NIO acquired India's first multidisciplinary oceanographic research vessel, RV Gaveshani, in 1976. The vessel enhanced the capabilities of Indian oceanographers and enabled the development of multi-disciplinary oceanographic research in the country. After rendering commendable service for 18 years, during which time over 200 cruises were undertaken in all parts of the Indian Ocean, R.V. Gaveshani was decommissioned in 1994. Since then the NIO has been trying to acquire a coastal and open ocean research vessels that serve various programmes of the institute. These efforts have resulted in acquisition of Coastal Research Vessel Sagar Sukti and a sanction of Rs. 190 crore for construction of a new multi-disciplinary oceanographic research vessel.  Keeping in view the present scenario in the global shipbuilding industry, it is expected that the new vessel would join NIO by 2012.

The new multi-disciplinary oceanographic research vessel will have capabilities to undertake basin scale observations and will enable Indian oceanographers to take up studies not only in the seas around India, but also in any part of the Indian Ocean. It is aimed to serve as a stable platform allowing operation of sensible equipment and underway data acquisition.
The new research vessel named as “R V Sindhu Sadhana” has been registered with official No.3635, Flag Sign-AVCO and MMSI No.419091900.

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