Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

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Contact Details

The Director,
CSIR - National Institute of Oceanography (NIO),
Dona Paula, Goa, INDIA - 403004
Tel: +91 832-2450200, Fax: +91 832-2450602,
Email: director@nio.org, www.nio.org

IPR Status Patent / Copyright / Trademark Secured in India / Abroad IPR Details
Patent not yet filed
Application / Uses

Oceanographic in-situ data collection

Salient Technical Features including Competing Features

Fully autonomous, pre-programmed missions, easy to operate through a user friendly GUI. Length 1.8m, diameter 0.23m,depth range 200m, nominal speed 1.5m/s, endurance ~ 6 hrs. Science payloads: CTD sensor, Chlorophyll sensor, Oxygen

Level/Scale of Development
Working prototype is developed and tested for all the features.
Environmental Considerations
Runs on rechargeable batteries. Environment friendly material used for construction.
Status of Commercialization
Technology Transferred to M/S VEA Coimbatore, and M/S L&T Mumbai
Major Raw Materials to be Utilized
Aluminum 6061, Acetal, Poly-venyl cell foam
Major Plant Equipment and Machinery Required
For production CNC and lathe machines
Economically feasible
Technology Package
  • Software, Electrical and Mechanical Drawing


Exploded view of AUV


View of AUV in water


Temperature Vs Depth obtained during the sea trials in the Arabian Sea


Dissolved Oxygen Vs Depth obtained in the trials at the Idduki reservoir


AUV underwater performing a mission

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