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Contact Details

The Director,
CSIR - National Institute of Oceanography (NIO),
Dona Paula, Goa, INDIA - 403004
Tel: +91 832-2450200, Fax: +91 832-2450602,
Email: director@nio.org, www.nio.org

IPR Status Patent / Copyright / Trademark Secured in India / Abroad IPR Details
Patent in India would be filed shortly.
Application / Uses
  • The developed MCDL has vast marine as well as terrestrial based applications. State forest departments interested in study of wildlife / state pollution control board for sound and environmental pollution / Defense organizations for locating underwater objects/ Scientific/ R&D organizations working on marine / terrestrial soundscape ecology studies / Private firms / Entrepreneurs / Fisherman community for locating fish schools.
Salient Technical Features including Competing Features
  • The available similar configuration data loggers are expensive and the data formats are not volatile. Hence we have developed a low cost Multi-channel
    data logger which can be applied in various applications for customized (user set configuration file) data recordings. Furthermore these recordings can be imported in any processing/analyzing software.

  • No special sensor is targeted, therefore, do not require high-end technology i.e., general purpose sensors used for environment data acquisition applications such as forest studies using bird sound (microphone), wind, humidity, temperature data recordings.

  • Moreover, we also target underwater sound data (hydrophone) along with the environment data through ship, data buoy, Argo float etc.Since we target low data rate and general application, the prices should be low.

Level/Scale of Development
Prototype developed and tested
Environmental Considerations
Status of Commercialization
The start-up industries have shown interest in acquiring this product / technology. We are also in discussion with Government organizations.
Major Raw Materials to be Utilized
Electronic components, Fabricated PCB, Computer software.
Major Plant Equipment and Machinery Required
Economically feasible
Technology Package
  • Data logger unit along with the software

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