Technologies | Marine bacteria to decolorize and detoxify textile dye

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Application / Uses

Marine bacterial strains Shewanella decolorationis (MBTD16) could be used for the decolarization of textile
dye Victoria blue (VB-B) and Dietzia sp(DTS26) for Congo red (CR).

Salient Technical Features including Competing Features
  • Victoria blue(VB-B)
    • Dye removal index showed 96% decolorization activity.
      Water reuse approaches indicated the usage of the dye VB-B and the amount of water could be reduced by ~50%.
  • Congo red(CR)
    • Bacterially treated samples could enhance the light intensity in the water by 38% and the primary production 5
      times higher than the untreated.
Level/Scale of Development
Developed at laboratory scale
Environmental Considerations
By using this technology, usage of water in industrial processes and pollution levels in the environment could be minimized.
Status of Commercialization
To be commercialized after scale-up studies
Major Raw Materials to be Utilized
Microbial culture media
Major Plant Equipment and Machinery Required
1.Large scale fermenters to mass culture the bacteria 2 Effluent loaded or maximized with the above dyes
This approach may be economically feasible but need to be confirmed
Technology Package
  • Microbial culture along with process knowhow

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