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NIO is a research laboratory and research on various aspects is carried out in the form of projects. On this website, you would be able to see the project information and the research results (in the form of publications) on various aspects. The educational activities include student, doctoral and orientation programmes for the people from outside the organization. As and when the vacancies arise, the posts are advertised for selection of right candidates. These posts are of permanent and temporary nature. Agencies can also seek consultancy from us on a particular problem requiring oceanographic research. Large number of research results are also available in the form of intellectual property (patents). The website would provide you all this - and much more - information if you browse through the links. If you still need to know about a specific facility, etc., you are welcome to use feedback form for the same.

While we are available to the public for all 24 hours 365 days by this website, you may like to visit us (by appointment - write to ocean@nio.org) to see the laboratory and specific facilities. The panels on the activities of the institute would also tell you about us. You can interact with the individuals during your visit.

At times, we participate in exhibitions at various places displaying posters illustrating NIO's work in a specific (or in general) area. We would be happy to see you there and reply to your questions. Different brochures are printed and distributed at such occasions on the NIO's contribution to theme of event, etc.

We also celebrate NIO Foundation Day (1 January) National Science Day (28 February) and CSIR Foundation Day (26 September). On these occasions, we usually organize public lectures as well besides open house.

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