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Open Days

Every year, the institute is open to the public during forenoons on NIO Foundation Day (1 January) and CSIR Foundation Day (26 September). You are welcome to visit our institute and apprise yourself of the research work being carried out in understanding the processes and resources in the oceans. Besides this, public lectures are also organized on these days in the afternoon. Please look for the advertisement in local news papers, or visit NIO website (www.nio.org) or contact us for specific information.

CSIR Foundation Day celebration (26 September)

Every year, more than one thousand students from secondary, higher secondary schools as well as science and engineering colleges from Goa and other states are shown live exhibits on aquaculture and ocean data observation systems, specimens of marine organisms and minerals from the ocean floor, besides acquainting them with findings of ancient civilizations and shipwrecks along the Indian coast.
The visitors view films on topics such as the chemistry of the ocean, earth beneath the sea, life in the ocean, restless ocean, and oceans and climate, in addition to a talk on careers in oceanography describing various challenges and opportunities in the field of ocean sciences.

Date Name of the Speaker Affiliation Title
2018 Padma Shri A.S. Kiran Kumar

Distinguished Scientist & Former Chairman ISRO, Bangalore

India in Space
2017 Dr. Y. V. N. Krishna Murthy

Distinguished Scientist & Director, National Remote Sensing Centre, Hyderabad

Space Technology and its Applications for National Development
2016 Prof. Padmanabhan Balaram

Indian biochemist and Former Director, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Chemistry at the Interface of Biology: The Expanding Discipline of Chemical Ecology
2015 Dr. R. S. Bisht

Former Jt. DG, Archaeological Survey of India

Humans long march towards Harappan civilisation & Dholavira ki Khoj: Bharat ka prachintam Bundergah ( In Hindi)
2014 Prof. KS Valdiya

Prof. of Geodynamics, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore

Natural calamity and human tragedy in Uttarakhand in the Himalaya & Puraan Kaal Mein Bhaarat ke Logon ki Ekataa kaa Adbhut Saphal Prayaas (In hindi)
2013 Prof. B.N. Goswami

Director, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune

The Indian Summer Monsoon in a Changing Climate: A Declining Present and an Uncertain Future!
2012 Dr. T.J. Pandian

Emeritus Professor, Dept of Genetics, Center for Excellence in Genomic Sciences School of Biological Sciences, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai

Sex Changing Fishes
2011 Dr. Seshagiri Rao

Project Scientist, IRI, Earth Institute, Columbia University, New York, USA,Vice President, Natural Remedies Ltd. Bangalore,

India, Farmer, Semi-Arid Region of South Karnataka 'Farming the Rain' for Sustainable Profits: An Experience of working with Complex Systems
2010 Prof.M.S. Swaminathan

Chairman M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation and Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)

Safeguarding National Food Security in an Era of Climate change
2009 Prof. Madhav Gadgil

Agharakar Research Institute, Pune

Major Transitions in Evolution
2008 Shri Arvind Gupta

Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), Pune

Science Through Activities
2007 Prof. S. Krishnaswami

Professor at Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad.

Erosion in River Basins of India: Causes and Consequences
2006 Prof. Jitendra Nath Goswami

Director, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, and Principal Scientist, Chandrayaan-1 Mission.

Chandrayaan-1 and Beyond: A Roadmap for Indian Planetary Exploration
2005 Prof. Roddam Narasimha

Chairman, Engineering Mechanics Unit, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore

The Future of Indian Aerospace
2004 Padma Bhushan Prof. G Padmanaban

Veteran Biologist, IISc Bangalore

Growth of Biotechnology in India
NIO Foundation Day (1 January)

Like every year, school students from schools and colleges and their parents are shown ship models, oceanographic instruments, specimens of marine organisms and minerals from the ocean floor, besides findings of ancient civilizations and shipwrecks along the Indian coast.
The visitors also view films on “NIO’s Research Activities” and “Sagar” unfolding various challenges the scientist face while the ongoing research.

Date Name of the Speaker Affiliation Title
2019 PadmaShri, Prof. J. N. Goswami

Former Director, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad

Origin and Early Evolution of the Solar System
2018 Dr. P.S. Goel

Dr. Raja Ramanna Chair Professor at NIAS, Honorary Distinguished Professor, ISRO HQ, Bengaluru

Space Exploration; Do We Need Man in Space?
2017 Dr. S. Ayyappan

NABARD, Chair Professor, NDRI SRS, Bengaluru

Look to the Waters…..”
2016 Prof. K. VijayRaghavan

Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India

Brain, Brawn and Behaviour
2015 Professor Dr. Trevor Platt

Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK Executive Director, Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans(POGO)

What colour is the ocean?
2014 Professor Ashok Sahni

Professor Emeritus (Punjab University) and Honorary Professor at IISER, Mohali

Biominerals and the science of Building Skeletons
2013 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri

Director General, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi

The challenge of climate change and implications for coastal cities
2012 Prof. Victor Smetacek

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, 27570 Bremerhaven, Germany

Ocean challenges of the future
2011 Prof. D. Balasubramanian

Director of Research, L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad

Cells and Stem Cells
2010 Prof. M. Vijayan

President, Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi & Honorary Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Structural Biology of Mycobacterial Proteins
2009 Prof. Samir K. Brahmachari

Director General, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi

Good to Great: A Journey for an Institution
2008 Prof. CNR Rao,

National Research Professor and Honorary President & Linus Pauling Research Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore

Today's scientific scenario and tomorrow's challenges
2007 Prof. Henry Elderfield,

Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK

Climate Change: Past, Present, Future
2006 Prof. Gerardus ’t Hooft,

Nobel Laureate Institute for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

The Smallest Building Blocks of Matter
2005 Padma Bhushan Prof. Jayant Vishnu Narlikar

Emeritus Prof. Inter-university Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune

Cosmic Illusions

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